Shake FDSN Serber Down?

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good day.

Is there any ETA on when is going to be back up?


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Hello alavrouk, and welcome to the community!

As of now, data download via FDSNWS service or other online means is unavailable due to server issues that have caused problems for the last month or so.

No other alternative solutions are available, but we are working daily to bring back legacy data availability for everyone. You can follow all updates here on our forum, with the latest messages being the most recent: Live Data Issues

We cannot provide an ETA for total service restoration yet, but more information will be available before/after the coming weekend.

We apologize for any inconvenience this ongoing issue may have caused/is causing, and thank you for your patience.

Given that the issue occurred nearly two months ago and there seems to be uncertainty regarding the timeline for recovering legacy data, I propose a temporary (or not) relocation of the stream to IRIS or another capable data center equipped to manage the sudden influx of data. This approach would effectively mitigate the impact of future acute data center issues, establish redundancy (which is particularly crucial in light of the numerous threats present today), and safeguard the reputation of the RaspberryShake brand.

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Thank you for your response. I know you mentioned that no alternative was available, but just to clarify:

Is there no other way for me to get shake data in python?

Thank you

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Thank you for your feedback Fontiela! We have considered (and are still considering, keeping our options as open and numerous as possible) various approaches to address this issue, and we believe we are on a good track to not only fix the problem, but also increase the overall system resilience when all work is done.

It is taking more time than anticipated, but your support and that of all other Shakers motivate us to push forward every day!

Hello alavrouk,

That is correct; there are no online alternatives (at this moment) that would allow you to download your Shake data from our servers.

However, it is still possible to download the locally stored data on your instrument, as by default, any Raspberry Shake that we ship is configured to keep the last 7 days of data stored on its microSD card. To do so, you can choose among the multiple ways to download local data listed here: How to download your data

If you have access to your Shake, you can manually download all the recorded files to your computer and work on them via any preferred means, such as MATLAB or Python.

Hello stormchaser,

Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, for our research team, it is infeasible to download the recorded files to our computer every 7 days, as we utilize global shake data from all over the world, including our own. We hope that this issue will be resolved soon, or more information will be provided. Our team aims to fuse data from the global network of shakes with various other sources of data, and automating this through python will save many many hours of manual annotation.

Have a good day!

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By my reckoning, it’s been 2 months now since we lost access to the FDSNWS service.
As a result, my enthusiasm for RS has waned. Whereas, I used to check a network of stations every morning, I do other things now.
I wonder if the RS people realise how damaging this is to their brand?

Hello alavrouk, you’re welcome!

I understand, and my congratulations on this very interesting project you are pursuing!
We will continue to post regular updates in the dedicated thread on this forum (the one linked above: Live Data Issues) so you’ll be able to know when the FDSNWS data service comes back online as soon as it does.

Thank you again for your patience while we continue to work on this severe issue.

Hello TideMan,

Thank you for sharing your feelings and feedback with us. I completely understand, and we are genuinely sorry to hear about our service disruption’s impact on your daily routine. We know that this has been a challenging time for our users, including yourself, and we want to extend our apologies for the inconvenience you’ve all experienced.

Rest assured that we recognize the seriousness of this issue and its repercussions on our community’s trust in us. Our team is working with maximum effort to restore all offline services.

We are fully committed to resolving this unprecedented issue as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Although the process is taking longer than we had hoped, our dedication to restoring full functionality without compromising the quality and reliability of our service remains our top priority.

Once again, we apologize for the continued and prolonged disruption and appreciate your (and all Shakers’) patience and understanding while we work through this challenging time.

On my phone, I have an app called EQInfo. It can access historical data from my RS 1D site. Where are they getting these data from? Apparently, it’s not FDSNWS, because that service is not available. Can we access our data from their source?

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I really don’t want to escalate anything here, but I can’t even depict an earthquake from tonight, so it’s not just about Legacy or Caps.

Kind regards

Thanks for this notification TideMan. I stopped using that app because, for some reason, it would not retrieve data from my Shake after I did a microSD card reburn (the old one was not working anymore).

In any case, I will pass the info to the team so that they can check from their side. I’ll let you know.

No escalation at all jheiler; we are all adults here, so any constructive feedback and notification are taken into account and appreciated.

Regarding your specific query, it appears that some stations in the network are displaying gaps at the time of that earthquake (mine too, even if it’s too far away from the epicenter).

These gaps are related to the work to fix the recent server outage and should slowly backfill with data as we continue operating on our ecosystem. We apologize for the disruption you are seeing.

Other nearby stations do not show these gaps and are displaying data around the time of the event:

If you require data for this specific event, I recommend backing up your locally recorded files just to be sure, as I often do with my Shake, to have everything ready to use for reanalysis. If you need it, I also recommend FileZilla to backup them, which is quick and easy to use (How to download your data).

I find this argument unsatisfactory, please consider the following:

In the same post you have linked:

You may see gaps or glitches in the data streams, but rest assured that all data is being recorded in full if your Shake is transmitting to our servers, and any recent (last few days) gaps that are present will disappear once our work is finished.

The manual backup via FileZilla that I advised is just a secondary measure to ensure that all data remains available, like making multiple copies of personal files anyone may have on their PC.

On this matter, I also want to point out that, as per Section 14 of our Terms of Service (Terms of Service | Raspberry Shake):

We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

We are very aware that this latest disruption in services is disappointing, to say the least. While we continue to work diligently on the (very challenging) problems we are contending with, all at the same time, you (and all Shakers) will be happy to know that once all of this is resolved, a substantial increase in the overall stability of our back-end systems will result.

It may seem repetitive, but everyone here at Raspberry Shake is doing their best. We will get there and our systems will be restored in full. And we continue to thank everyone (all Shakers, literally) that is supporting us during this endeavour.