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Technical Support

Welcome to the Raspberry Shake Community Technical Support Forum! Post your questions about Raspberry Shake here and get answers FAST!
PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS SEND YOUR LOG FILES which can be downloaded from your Shake’s web front end.
Attach your logs by dragging the zip file to the Create Topic dialog box or by using the Upload button when you are writing a support forum topic.


The latest news and updates from the Raspberry Shake Team


This is a space to discuss code questions and examples.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

RBOOM & Infrasound

Have you picked up any strange infrasound readings recently? Share your findings with the community and any other interesting RBOOM related experiences!

Quake Questions

This is a place to talk about, and learn about, the physics / theoretical side of these fascinating geological processes. Why not ask the community what is on your mind?.. Quake related of course! (Please note this is not the place for Technical Support issues).


For anything SWARM-related and not a Technical Support issue.

Shakes in the Classroom

Topics related to Shake education, classroom demonstrations, teaching tools, and other fun and interesting things.


Are you using your Shake for something specific other than earthquake monitoring? Share your Shake use case here

Special Events

A category to talk about special events like BIG or local earthquakes

Market Place

Where to ask about purchasing, trading, or donating Shake units or Raspberry Pi’s.
This is intended to allow Shake users to easily find each other or to announce offerings of hardware availablity.
It is explicitly not intended to handle any actual money transactions, which is left to be handled by the users themselves.

Vaults & Outdoor Use

Have you built your own seismic vault or do you want to explore the possibility? Perhaps you want to use your shake outdoors and would like to discuss setting up a solar panel to power it? Share your thoughts and ideas with the community here!