Server connection: not conneted


Brand new Shake model RBm and RS3D

The first time installation worked, server connection was ok. Station view too.RSH.R1936.2022-01-09T09 14 50.logs.tar (217.5 KB)

Then shutdown and power off.

Power on again a few hours later, but the server connection no longer works.

Config Page as I can see that Data Forwarding is “ON” and that the Server Connection is “Not Connected”.
Collecting data works and I can read the Helicorder files.

ssh login works and ping on works too.
The brand new RS3D also shows the same behavior.

attached the last Log File of RBm

Hello erwins, welcome to our community!

Thank you for the explanation, and the logs from your Shake. From them, I can see that the station powers up and boots as it should, so the issue doesn’t seem to be there. It also seems able to communicate with our servers, which is good.

Could you please reboot the Shake, and checking again that the “Forward Data” box is still checked, click on “Save and Restart”?

The station should now be able to display a connected status.

If it does, then this error is caused by a known bug that we are examining and that will (hopefully) be solved in the next Shake OS v0.20 release.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Stormchaser

unfortunately nothing is okay. Neither RS3D nor RBm can connect the server. ssh Ping on the Internet also no longer works.
Yesterday I tried to adjust resolv.conf. Several nameservers were entered. I changed it to one nameserver via ssh. DHCPd restart. Checked resolv.conf. it’s just like I wrote it. ping doesn’t reach the internet. So I do a restart via WEbgui and what happened? No connect to the server and resolv.conf was overwritten again and several nameservers were entered again.

This morning resolv.conf checked and there was only one entered as I did. Very strange behavior. Very unstable.

Now today I added a second nameserver, dhcpd restart but it didn’t help. No connection to the server.
So I restart over WebGui. After that asking via ssh resolv.conf, RS3D has overwritten it again, there are again 4 nameservers registered but ping into the internet does not work and no contact to the server.

Generated by resolvconf

options timeout:30

I have other Raspis in use, but none of them have problems with the internet.

Houston, we have a problem.


Hello erwin,

It seems that there is some misconfiguration that iterates every time the restart of the unit. It is indeed a very strange behavior.

I would recommend, then, to re-burn the microSD card to start again with a freshly installed OS, and see if the unit manages to connect with no modifications. I will post the burning instructions here for your convenience:

I followed the numbered list points to burn the files on my SD cards, and I have not used Etcher or similar software.

If, even after this, the Shake is still displaying a “Not Connected” status, then please retry the following procedure to see if it solves the connectivity issue?

Please access your rs.local/ page, go to Settings (the gear icon high on the left), and then the Data tab. Try unchecking the Forward Data box and, after ~30 seconds, recheck it. Then,click save and restart.

If no procedure works, then please download the log files again and attach them to your answer, together with a screenshot of both dhcpcd.conf and resolv.conf files.

Thank you.

I have a similar behaviour. After solving a lot of trouble in my dhcpcd.conf I made it to get a stable internet connection via Ethernet cable. But I get an “not connected” each time I do a “Actions -> Reboot”. To solve this I need (after the reboot) to uncheck the “Forward data” -> “Save and restart” -> check “Forward data” -> “Save and restart” and then the server will be connected.

If the server is connected and unpower and repower the RASB, then the server connection is still working. It is also working after a “sudo reboot” in the console. So my assumption is, that there is something wrong with the “Reboot” sequence of the rfe docker.

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Hello ybrush, welcome to our community!

Thank you for adding your experience and solution, I’m sure it will be useful to future users until we manage to fix this bug.

It emerged, unwanted (as usual), after we released v0.19, and we are working to fix it in the next release. Hopefully, we will be able to announce its availability soon!

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Did reburn fix it? I am having the same issue and a few more. Network configuration (static IP) via Web did not work either. I had to configure the network settings manually.

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Good morning.
Sorry to bother you again for the same problem that I was able to solve a year ago.
Since then, the connection with the server works very well until a few days ago when I had to change the Router, the new router assigned a new IP to the Rasberry and since then it has been impossible for me to reestablish the connection with the server.
I’ve done the thing in the forum about unchecking the connection box, waiting 30 seconds, and checking it again. Reset and save. But without positive result.
Let’s see if you can see in the attached log the cause of the problem.
These days I am affected by SARS-CoV-2 and my mind is not very operative
Thanks and regards
RSH.RF012.2022-05-01T18 27 15.logs.tar (3.2 MB)

Hello AlvarG,

Firstly, my wishes for a speedy recovery from the Covid. That’s the most important thing right now.

Regarding your issue, thank you for the logs. From them, it appears that the Shake cannot find any network to connect to, as these lines show:

2022 119 17:05:24: Network detection failed, unable to curl or ping common sites
2022 119 17:05:24: No internet connection found
2022 119 17:05:24: Network detection failed, unable to curl or ping common sites

Let’s try to see what a fresh start provides us. When you are able to, can you shut down everything, both Shake and modem/router? Disconnect also the LAN cable between the Shake and the router. Then, turn on the modem/router and check that everything is working fine with your other devices connected to it (i.e., that you can connect and navigate the internet).

Now connect the Shake directly again to the modem/router with the provided cable (or, if you have another CAT6 or superior cable, please feel free to try that one too) and check if the Shake gets assigned a proper IP address from the modem/router and is visible on its administrator panel, or an app like Fing (Fing App | Network toolkit and scanner | Fing ), which shows all the IP addresses of any device connected to your local network.

If the IP address is correctly assigned (which I assume so, since you were able to download the logs before), then please access the modem/router admin panel again and check that all necessary ports are open. A complete list can be found here: Firewall issues? — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Once all of this has been done, the Shake should be able to connect, and thus to update. Can you wait for around 24 hours after you have done this operation, and then download the logs and attach them here again?

Hopefully this “operation” will provide more insight in what is happening.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you so much Stormchaser for your response.

You gave me the right clue to solve the problem:
“No internet connection”

Before the consultation here in the forum, I had tried almost everything to no avail:

  • I unchecked the box “Forward data”, waited 30 ", checked again, and restarted several times
  • I set the fixed IP to the RB settings
  • I changed the DNS in case they were responsible for not connecting to the server
  • I saw that the RB communication within my network was correct.

For some reason, as you say, the RB had no Internet and could not access the outside of my network.

I had never tried to access the RB via SSH, but I did so by reading here: Static IP — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

For unknown reasons, in the file “dhcpcd.conf” I had the line “static routers =” was without the IP of my router.
No IP Router

I set the IP and Problem SOLVED.

I think I have to wait 24 hours to see my “On Line” station

A good tool would be to fill in a box in the “Settings” to put the Router’s IP.

Many thanks to Stormchaser for your dedication to troubleshooting.


Hello AlvarG,

Thank you for your feedback, glad that I could help with your situation!

Your station is now back online and providing live data on our services. Here is StationView: RS StationView

I’ve been having major issues trying to get my 4D working. There were gaps in the data, and inability to connect to the server. I’ve written four SD cards and checked voltage to no avail. After once again reading through similar suggestions for repair, this is how I solved my issues. (1) I have discovered that even though the power supply may be listed as 5v 2.5A, I have two that will NOT provide more than 1.7A. I only run 10 feet of #18 wire to the shake so the voltage drop is no concern. I put a 5v 4A supply in line and that cured the data gaps but still could not connect to the server. (2) After writing four SD cards, I finally decided to change tactics. I used MiniTool Partition and wiped the sector with zeros on the SD card and then formatted FAT32. I put the zip file for the shake on the card and extracted that onto the card and put it in the shake. After the 15 minute load time, the shake immediately hooked to the server and there are no gaps in the data. I hope this information helps someone else with similar issues.

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