Server connection: not conneted


Brand new Shake model RBm and RS3D

The first time installation worked, server connection was ok. Station view too.RSH.R1936.2022-01-09T09 14 50.logs.tar (217.5 KB)

Then shutdown and power off.

Power on again a few hours later, but the server connection no longer works.

Config Page as I can see that Data Forwarding is “ON” and that the Server Connection is “Not Connected”.
Collecting data works and I can read the Helicorder files.

ssh login works and ping on works too.
The brand new RS3D also shows the same behavior.

attached the last Log File of RBm

Hello erwins, welcome to our community!

Thank you for the explanation, and the logs from your Shake. From them, I can see that the station powers up and boots as it should, so the issue doesn’t seem to be there. It also seems able to communicate with our servers, which is good.

Could you please reboot the Shake, and checking again that the “Forward Data” box is still checked, click on “Save and Restart”?

The station should now be able to display a connected status.

If it does, then this error is caused by a known bug that we are examining and that will (hopefully) be solved in the next Shake OS v0.20 release.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Stormchaser

unfortunately nothing is okay. Neither RS3D nor RBm can connect the server. ssh Ping on the Internet also no longer works.
Yesterday I tried to adjust resolv.conf. Several nameservers were entered. I changed it to one nameserver via ssh. DHCPd restart. Checked resolv.conf. it’s just like I wrote it. ping doesn’t reach the internet. So I do a restart via WEbgui and what happened? No connect to the server and resolv.conf was overwritten again and several nameservers were entered again.

This morning resolv.conf checked and there was only one entered as I did. Very strange behavior. Very unstable.

Now today I added a second nameserver, dhcpd restart but it didn’t help. No connection to the server.
So I restart over WebGui. After that asking via ssh resolv.conf, RS3D has overwritten it again, there are again 4 nameservers registered but ping into the internet does not work and no contact to the server.

Generated by resolvconf

options timeout:30

I have other Raspis in use, but none of them have problems with the internet.

Houston, we have a problem.


Hello erwin,

It seems that there is some misconfiguration that iterates every time the restart of the unit. It is indeed a very strange behavior.

I would recommend, then, to re-burn the microSD card to start again with a freshly installed OS, and see if the unit manages to connect with no modifications. I will post the burning instructions here for your convenience:

I followed the numbered list points to burn the files on my SD cards, and I have not used Etcher or similar software.

If, even after this, the Shake is still displaying a “Not Connected” status, then please retry the following procedure to see if it solves the connectivity issue?

Please access your rs.local/ page, go to Settings (the gear icon high on the left), and then the Data tab. Try unchecking the Forward Data box and, after ~30 seconds, recheck it. Then,click save and restart.

If no procedure works, then please download the log files again and attach them to your answer, together with a screenshot of both dhcpcd.conf and resolv.conf files.

Thank you.