Relocated Shake appears online locally but offline on Shakenet

I relocated by Shake and Boom today from the house out to my observatory to eliminate noise from the house and get a direct seismic connection to the ground (not on a floating floor). All looked good immediately after the move when I restarted the shake, however, it now appears offline on Shakenet.

To get comms in the observatory I installed a Wifi Range Extender and plugged the Shake into that. I have noticed that the MAC address for the shake is different on the router now. RS.Local finds the Shake OK and SWARM works fine. It’s just showing offline on Shakenet.

Shakenet shows the break in data when I relocated the Shake. Then the data returns on Shakenet after the restart, but then disappears.

I have included log files and screen shots of RS.Local and Router DHCP to show apparent change in MAC address. Could this be the issue?


RSH.R21C0.2022-02-10T06 33 57.logs.tar (1.7 MB)

Hello sheeny, welcome to our community!

Good choice regarding the relocation. When one can, it’s always preferable to have as little noise as possible, so we look forward from the data recorded by your S&B!

I can see the instrument in our system, and it shows also on StationView (here: RS StationView) and DataView, but, currently, data flow has stopped around 01:23 UTC.

Nothing particularly wrong appears from the logs that you have attached (thank you for those) so I must assume that there must be some local network issue causing this.

In all, from our side everything looks fine.

I think I’ve lost all comms to the shake.

I gave up on trying to get the shake to work in the observatory. I could not get the data to Shakenet, so I brought it back inside to plug directly back into the router.

At the same time I set the IP address to fixed, so I didn’t have to call up rs.local to get the IP address all the time to then set the address for SWARM. I fixed the IP address in router, and just to make sure I fixed the IP address in the Shake as well.

The shake shutdown to reboot, but now I can’t talk to the shake. RS.local does not time out but just comes up blank. The IP address I thought I set in the shake times out. I suspect the IP address in the shake is wrong.

How can I recover from this?



Note that rs.local also now times out.


Just for information I downloaded the file and unpacked to a new microSD card, and eventually got it back online.



Hello sheeny,

I had seen the station back up online and live streaming on StationView, so I thought that the issues had been solved.

I’m sorry to hear about the fact that you could not connect to our services from the observatory, it’s quite strange. You had a good idea in re-burning, it would have been my second suggestion.

Usually, when there are issues like this (I’m adding for other users too), we advise resetting the network configuration files to their original setup (shown here: Server Connection: Not connected Old Shake - #10 by Stormchaser) and, if that does not work, then, to try re-burning the microSD card, to erase all possible misconfiguration and start with a fresh system (here: Server connection: not conneted - #4 by Stormchaser).

Thanks for providing details on your experience, they could be valuable for other customers too!

FWIW I was unable to detect the shake on the network at all. I tried a lot of likely mis-typed IP’s hoping to jag it, I opened up the LAN sub net mask, and Fing could not detect it either, so I figured that unless it was a case of editing a file on the microSD card, I may as well burn a new card. It’s a simple enough thing to do.