Shake showing Not Online but shows Helicorder data

My Shake 3D took a break while I worked through some wifi issues that ultimately required me to install dedicated access point to handle its wifi traffic.
Running now and Config page seems to show everything in good order.
When I open helicorder pages they show data and they also show that data progressing over time.

I did this
and this

Those 2 fixes don’t appear to help but I would note a couple of items.

  1. When I did both options and saved/rebooted I see the Server Connection go from Not Connected to Connected right at reboot so it seems like it is pretty faithfully reconnecting to the ShakeNet system.

  2. A week or so back I got what appeared to be an automated message saying that ShakeNet had not recieved any data in 30 days if I recall email.correctly and I saw another post where there was some manual toggling done showing online and offline that was done at ShakeNets end a maybe that is issue? Here are my most current logs.

RSH.R3A5D.2022-04-16T20_56_43.logs.tar (243.5 KB)

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If you have been disconnected for any length of time, it can take up to 24 hours before your data begins to show again on the server.


Thanks. It is generating data on DataView and is visible on StationView.

As a side note that may apply to others. I was formatting cards and got a strange fault and some of the SD cards had more than one partition on them but faithfully formatted the partition it thought was the correct one. How it does that and how cards would have multiple partitions to start with is way above my pay grade