Password failure - special characters?


Just got my RS 4D and a Pi 3 model B – my first ever Pi project!

(See my other post about having to manage it via IP address instead of rs.local Can't access via rs.local )

Per QuickStart guide, first thing I did was change the password. I use LastPass password generator/manager. It generated, saved and entered a long password with upper and lower case letters, digits, and symbols. I set that, and chose “lp” as my hint. All looked good. But when I selected: Settings | Actions | Shutdown to turn off the RS, so I could move it, I get “Authentication Failed, please try again.” I’ve tried several times. I’ve tried your default password. Nothing seems to work! Any chance that your code doesn’t like certain special characters, and craps out on my password? (I had that happen on a couple websites)

Anyway, I had to pull the power on the unit, since I couldn’t tell it to shut down. What do I do now? Per your help pages, looks like I can either burn a new card image, or edit some files on the card. No other option to try first?

I’m a lifelong Windows software engineer, but this is my first Pi project, and I’m not a Unix guy. So which would be easier? Find a Windows tool that can mount and edit this card? Or find a Windows tool that can mount and re-image this card?

Also, since I’ve already assembled the 4D, is there any trick to removing the card thru the recessed slot? Use some really thin needle-nose pliers?

Help, please! Thanks,

  • Ken

Here are my logs: RSH.REE29.2019-08-03T22_42_27.logs.tar (109.5 KB)


As far as I am aware LastPass doesn’t generate any passwords with characters that might break authentication.

You can try to ssh into your Shake and try the password on the command-line. Once you’re in change the password there.

Outline of commands needed:
ssh myshake@rs.local (or the IP address) -> enter password from LastPass
passwd -> enter LastPass password and change it to something else

You can also use Putty on Windows for ease of use.


If you do end up taking the card out, this is usually the solution I go with.