4D mounting questions


Just got my RS 4D and a Pi 3 model B – my first ever Pi project! I assembled per: https://youtu.be/4weBqaMND5M. The very end of the video explains the spring-loaded mounting screw. I haven’t yet tried actually screwing it into the floor, but I can’t figure out how I would attach the 4D once I’ve put the screw in the floor. It seems to me I would have needed to screw the bottom panel to the floor before having assembled the entire thing! Or am I missing something here?

Also, I’m trying to decide upon a mounting location. I have a single-story house, on a solid slab foundation. No basement. I could put it in garage, but can’t easily screw into cement floor, and I don’t have wired internet there, so I’d have to do WiFi. Also, would cars cause false readings? Or I can put it in kid’s bedroom closet, where I do have wired internet, but worried about people traffic, and wife might not want hole drilled in hardwood floor.

Help, please! Thanks,

  • Ken