Off line or not connected

Hi I am in New Zealand,I am these two sites, AM.R0BBA and AM.R6EFF
I havent logged in for a while and today I log in and there is nothing there? no traces at all. Do I have to log in on a regular basis to see mt 5 traces? running, I am not much of a techo but this “Site not connected” thing is a bit of a pain. Please help. Thank you Garry

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From a fellow Kiwi, with a site in ChCh and one on Banks Peninsula. I can see both your sites on Dataview and they are giving good data, but Dataview appears to be a bit flaky at present, and SWARM does not work at all. Neither does FDSN. So I understand your frustration. I share it.

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Hello GarryMac, and welcome back!

I can see both your Shakes connected and streaming live data to our servers without issues:

As the work to restore our data access continues (as you can see in the pinned topic: Live Data Issues), there could be times when data seems to be stopping, but everything is being saved, and as of now, no data is lost.

Hi there TideMan, thank you for that, as it will help me track down why I cant see my own data even tho it is going out the the server. I have had this before something to do with re setting the "Data Forward " option I will try that yet again, seems regular if I dont view mt own daya on a regular basis? Cheers Garry

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Thank you for your reply, it is starting to look like the “Data Forward” turn it off and on again fix? I will let you know how I get on. Regards Garry

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I have tried the few things I know several time today, not i dont know where i am. I still cannot see my own data and dont know if you guys are seeing it now either. I may of made it all worse. Can you please check and see if if you are receiving data, and any helpful tips on what could help me get up and going again. I can access both my systems but just cant display my traces. Sorry about this Garry

Hello GarryMac,

I can still see your data streaming live on DataView (also on StationView):

Have you tried:

  1. clearing the cache of your browser;
  2. hard-reloading the page with Ctrl+F5 or MAC equivalent;
  3. trying a different browser/private mode windows.

Your Shakes continue to appear in good health and are actively transmitting data to us.

Thank you for this and for going to this effort to show me. I still have the problem at this end with all my data. So will continue to look. I may have to get my PC fix it guru to look. It may be getting blocked by my internet protection but I havent changed anything to do with this. I will keep trying. well at least you all are seeing it. Cheers for now. I will let you know when i sort it out.


Always a pleasure GarryMac.

Yes, at this point, it may be worth trying to check on your PC to see if anything else prevents you from seeing the data. Let us know!

Hi again, I have had my PC tech guru spend an hour on my system. He has emailed you the actions and results of his work. Also attached to that email is a set/ copy of my log files.
We will get it sorted some how. So far 1.25 hours of Local computer specialist time so I hope we get a solution soon. Regards Garry.

Hello GarryMac,

As of this morning (UTC), I have received no email from your PC expert yet. Can you please ask to send it again to support [at] raspberryshake [dot] org?

Thank you.

RSH.R6EFF.2024-02-21T22 29 45.logs.tar (3.0 MB)

I have also copied my tech guys email to you…
Hi there here is the email ( forwarded) that my technician thought he had sent.

Thank you for your patience with all of this.



From: Garry McCarthy <>
Sent: Thursday, 22 February 2024 11:36 am
To: ‘Raspberry Shake’ <>
Subject: RE: [Raspberry Shake] [Technical Support] Off line or not connected


Sorry to say I am still having problems with the message “station is not online” on the My Shake page, but when I go to “Station View” the data is there

I have had my tech person round and we have tried 2 computers (one windows 10 and one windows 11) and 3 different browsers with the same result. We have also disabled all security and cleaned the browser’s cache as suggested

I have attached my log file in the hope you can shed some light on this as it appears to be a problem with the website and not my computers

Look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks


From: Stormchaser via Raspberry Shake <>
Sent: Thursday, 22 February 2024 1:47 am
Subject: [Raspberry Shake] [Technical Support] Off line or not connected

Hello Garry,

Thank you for sending both texts here and via email, I got them. Thanks also for the logs, I’m happy to say that your Shake is working in perfect conditions, and no issues can be seen on that side.

As your PC expert hasn’t found anything, I have once again sent all the info you provided to our team so that they can check if there is something else we can try to address your issue.

For now, you can see your Shakes’ live data streams via DataView by going to the links in my previous posts and clicking on the Live button high on the right:

If you want to see all channels together you can also use the Multi-Stream Display feature, also in DataView, accessible via this button always high on the right and drag/dropping the channels you are interested in:

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience while we address this.

Hi, its been a while now since I asked you about this. I really liked the system and how it performed, not after lots of these failures, and now waiting ages i am beginning to get the message no one cares. We / I spent a heck of a lot on NZ dollars to get your system up and running and as a result you get all my data free for your world wide system, all at my expense. So come on people lets get this fixed with some good old customer focus. I just want it to work.

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Hello Garry,

I understand what you mean, and we continue to apologize for the extended inconvenience you and all the others in the community have been (and still are) facing.

It is true that we are currently experiencing an extraordinary disruption to our services that has never happened before. Our team is working around the clock, seven days a week, to fix the server issue that has been causing problems since a month ago and, by extension, all the services that have been (and continue to be) affected by it.

We can assure you (and all the other readers) that everything will be back to normal. The server issue that has impacted us was severe, and it is requiring more time than expected for a full, stable, fix.

Until everything returns to normal, the alternative to the service you are not able to use is presented by DataView, as explained in my last message. Our work status is instead regularly updated here: Live Data Issues

We apologize again for the disruption and appreciate your (and all Shakers’) patience while we address this situation.

I thank you for taking the time to explain the situation fully and am sorry that I was so grumpy. Now I understand the full story I will leave it to you, and no doubt in time all will be as it use to be.

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Hello Garry,

No problem at all; you’re more than welcome. And don’t worry; it was fully understandable, as we all want everything to work as it did before.

I am surely missing creating my Python plots for past events, so we will get back there!

Hello again, I just checked in to see how things are going. I see my station is on line and presents me with my Blank Trace lines, although there is none of my data live and to be seen from my log in page ( which I prefer as it is a quick look and dynamic which I fine really good. But just now there is no data in the dislay at all. I guess you are still sorting it all out. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck with your rebuild.
Regards Garry New Zealand

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Hello Garry,

Yes, the ShakeNet portal is next on our list, together with EQSound and EQLocator, which are not yet available.

I’m sure you’ll probably notice that everything is back online as soon as it goes back online, but I’ll post an update on the usual topic and here too, so other interested users who are following will know.

Thank you again for the support Garry! It’s really appreciated!

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That is really good news. Thank you for the update. I look forward to your notice in due course.
I have been logging in only occasionally to see how things were going but was concerned that thru not logging in I may have been dropped off the system or something. Your advise note will be good to know we are all up and running again.
Kind Regards
New Zealand