Universally Talk about RPis and Geophones

Hi all,

I’m evaluating a Geophone with a RPi 3B+ and an ADS1115 16-Bit ADC
(I noticed that this will be a 16-Bit only. )
And I’m still testing.

Maybe you have some useful hints for me.

I’m having an Infrasound Incident with a defective heatpump of one of our neighbours.
This defective device is outside in the backyard-area.
It brings the walls and the windows to vibration.
If I put my ear on the wall I can here the noise :slight_smile:
So the municipal employee was already here and has done an audio (by air) measurement.
The infrasound signal / noticeable noise is so weak, that the decibelmeter doesn’t heard anything.
And I think it was the wrong device for the measurement.

So I built up a Raspi and connected a Geophone using a ADS1115.
I’m recording 24/7 and push all the data in a Influx Database.
For visualising I use Grafana.

Now I’m getting some Spectrograms where the amplitude is shown.
But I want to have the frequencies too.

I want to have these plots:

Maybe you would like to help me a little to walk into the right direction.
What have I to calc to plot such a Picture ?

Other question:
Maybe I could join this QCN with my DIY Geophone ?
I’m using a SM-24
Datasheet: https://www.egl-geo.com/productview/geophone-element-sensor/21101909CDyGx.html


Kind Regards

Dear Atratus, welcome to our community!

This is indeed a very interesting project, and I think that this topic here:

can help you with what you want to plot spectrograms from the data you are recording with your Geophone. This would require some Python knowledge, and we have some basic code you can use as a starter in our manual, here: Metadata - Instrument Response Files — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake, and here: Developer’s corner — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

You can also download the SWARM software (created by the USGS) here: USGS: Volcano Hazards Program and see if you can successfully interface your sensor with it. You will then be able to see data in real-time flowing from your Pi and have access to spectrograms which the program will automatically create for you.