Unable to connect to raspberry shake

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    I just received a Raspberry Shake from a colleague who wants me to get it working. He did not give me any history about it. There is a white sticker inside that says 4Dv5 170490.

I tried following the quickstart guide:

  1. I connected my laptop and the Raspberry Shake (powered on) to a network switch.
  2. I typed into my browser http://raspberryshake.local:5000 and nothing happened.
  3. I opened command prompt and using ipconfig found the IP address of the network connected device and typed that IP address into the browser address bar and nothing happened.

I am not sure what I should do next. I only have a basic degree of networking knowledge and am not a computer guru at all.

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You say laptop and 'shake “connected to a switch” - is that switch connected to a network with Internet connectivity? That really is required.

Next, the URL to try is: http://rc.local (not http://raspberryshake.local:5000).

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Hello emily, and welcome to our community!

The instrument you have on your hands is a Raspberry Shake 4D (with one vertical weak motion geophone sensor, and three three-dimensional strong motion accelerometers) that was released between 2017 and 2018 (you can check our changelog history here: Change log).

As Philip highlighted, the address (which I think your colleague provided) is an old one, and the correct one is rs.local/ (including the forward slash).

However, as you have done, you can bypass this by directly typing the Shake IP address in your browser bar, and reach the same page.

As nothing seems to be happening with the IP address either, something may be preventing the Shake from fully booting and, consequently, your access to its configuration page.

Could I please ask you to do these two checks?

  1. Open your terminal window again, and try to ping the Shake IP with the following command ping -n 5 shakeIPaddress. Does this command yield a 0% packet loss, or a 100% one?
  2. a) If 0% packet loss: can you then execute ssh myshake@shakeIPaddress (when asked the password, write shakeme, the default one) and then, if the login is successful, execute sudo reboot?
  3. b) If 100% packet loss: can you shut down the Shake by pulling the plug, and then power it on again?

Now, whether the shake has been rebooted (per 2a) or turned on again (after 2b), can you check if the LEDs on it progress as indicated here? Technical Specifications

If not, can you tell me what differences you can see? This information will possibly tell us what is not working with the instrument.

Thank you!

I had exactly the same problem with one of my machines the other day, so I replaced the SD card and Hey Presto everything sprang into life.

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I am thinking the same, especially as the Shake is a bit old.