Triggering the RS

Hi Everyone,

I’m curious about one thing: I’m putting my RS in a remote site and I do not want to record everything. So my question is if there is a way to config the RS to trigger if (for example) the velocity is greater than something.

Thank you

Hi Andrés, the RS doesn’t support triggering via onboard software. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Any news on the topic? A trigger to Home Assistant would be much appreciated.

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Hello gurrap, welcome to our community!

Currently, there is not (yet) a trigger functionality included in our Shake OS.

Other Shakers interested in this have developed scripts with RSUDP (rsudp 1.1.1 — rsudp documentation) and NodeRED (, which are fully compatible with the data that is generated by our RaspberryShakes.

Here are a couple of examples of the latter:

While, for the former, RSUDP is given as a base template for doing any high-level processing you would like. The intent is that it contains numerous examples of how data can be processed: writing to disk in multiple formats, drawing the data to a display, setting up alerts based on your own criteria, etc.

When you would like something more done than this, all the information is there, inside RSUDP itself, for you to write your own module and process the data exactly as you require. It’s one of its strongest points, and if you create something that could be used by the community, we always encourage our users to share what they have created.

Thank you for your interested in our products!