Support for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

I have an RS3D without Pi coming. I chose the “4 Model B” enclosure. Does the fact that you are selling the enclosure mean you now support the Raspberry Pi 4?

I thought I read you don’t yet support the 4, but I can’t find the thread. Please let me know. If it doesn’t yet work, that’s fine; I’ll wait or use a 3 for a while.


support for the 4 Model B isn’t quite there yet. it turns out the Pi foundation themselves released the raspbian OS with a bug related to the serial port, which we make use of, quite extensively, as it turns out.

once they release the fix as part of the OS source code, we will be able to continue with our testing and the release. an announcement will be made when the new image is available.

apologies for the inconvenience,


Got it. Waiting is not an issue. I just didn’t want to wast my time if it didn’t work.

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How are you going to handle station identification with RPi 4?
The MAC addresses no longer start B8:27, but DC:A6, so the last 4 digits may not be unique.

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there was never any guarantee that the last four digits would be unique, nor does this requirement exist.

see here for a complete discussion. but basically: if the name has already been taken, the first letter changes from R to S, all the way around the alphabet. it will be a very long time indeed before we have to worry about what to do with the 27th conflict.


That’s interesting. I didn’t realize the station ID is based on the MAC. I’ve got my 3D up and running on an old RPi 2B as AM.R0104. I guess it will change IDs when I switch it to an RPi 4. Ditto for my 4D and Boom as I’m likely to switch those to RPi 4s also, when the 4s are supported.

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Hi @jkline

Good afternoon from quarantine (the whole team went underground 5 days ago).

We have released support for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Click here to read the release notes. The microSD card image has been updated.

Have fun Shaking!

Yours, branden

Thank you, Branden!

We are all sheltering in place here too (San Francisco Bay Area). I wish you and all your families a safe journey through this crisis.