Shake Unable to connect to internet

Hello. I work in a school and we are unable to get our Shake to connect to the internet.

Here what we have done so far:

Created an “allow all” rule on our firewall
Gave it static IP and DNS (both internal and public DNS) - both dont work

I have noticed that the device does not ping passed my gateway, it does not even reach our Firewall.

Any suggestions would be appriciated.

Hello GBagattin, welcome to the community!

Could you please post the logs from your Shake, so I can try to get more insight on what’s happening?

In case you don’t know or don’t remember how to do it, they are downloadable from the Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page, accessible entering the rs.local address in your browser, then by clicking on the “Download Logs” button.

Hi Stormchaser… which logs do you need?

The postboot.log shows this: 2020 329 12:19:07: Unable to resolve hostname ‘’, most likely no DNS server available

No matter what DNS server I put into the configuration it still does not want to resolve this entry. Not sure how to proceed really

Also, I am in a school with its own DNS servers and Firewall (Im the IT Manager).
The DNS servers are on a different subnet, the device can not ping the DNS server if I put that in manually.
I have also tried google dns and opendns. Nothing.
Firewall ports have been opened as the support article.

Hello GBagattin,

all of them, if you could zip them into a package (or just upload the zip package that you download from the web interface) and post them here I can take a look at them.

From what you are writing I already have half an idea, but I want to confirm it.

Here you are, thank you for the support.

RSH.R9F1C.2020-11-25T07_39_11.logs.tar (2.3 MB)

It’s no problem at all GBagattin.

This is quite the conundrum. The Shake is performing and operating nominally, bar the connection issues of course. I will contact our tech team and get back to you as soon as I’ll have a solution.

Hello again GBagattin,

We want to verify a couple of things, could you please do the following? Shut down the Shake from the rs.local interface by clicking on the Actions icon (hammer) high on the left, then on the ACTIONS tab, then on SHUTDOWN, and finally inserting the password (if you have changed it, input yours, otherwise, the default one is shakeme).

Now wait for around 5 minutes, then power up the unit again and let it start normally.
Wait again for around 10-15 minutes, then download the logs again and post them all here.

I want to check for any differences with a fresh start of the Shake, comparing it with the previous logs set.

RSH.R9F1C.2020-12-16T05_12_42.logs.tar (3.3 MB)

Thank you, today is our last day in school until 7th of January. Will check back with you then.

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We have taken the Raspberry out of school to try it outside of the network. Same behaviour.
I think the product is faulty.


thanks for the log files, they are always very illuminating. in this case, they indicate that there is no access to the internet (log file postboot.log). access to the internet is necessary for many reasons, the primary one being to resolve named computers to their corresponding IP address. you have a DNS specified of, which is a google DNS, which should work just fine. When this is not accessible, something else is preventing the Shake from accessing the internet at large.

accessing the internet is not strictly related to being on a school network or not, this condition can happen outside of a school network as well, depending on the reasons.

are you able to log in to the Pi to run ping from the command line? this will be able to ascertain where the block to accessing the internet is happening. if so, please log in to the Shake Pi computer (instructions to do this can be found here), and run the following command:

> ping

and then post the results back here.


Hello Richard

Pinging the Google DNS returns Destination Unreachable.
I can ping the subnet that the device is on but not any other subnets on the network.
Also, I keep deleting the DNS entry on the device (via the interface) it keeps reappearing.
This piece of equipment has wasted so much of my time…

All of this still does not explain why the device does not connect from a standard LAN in someones house.

hi again,

sorry to hear of your ongoing frustration, and since my entire career has been to make computers work despite themselves means i can sympathize, believe me.

in this case, getting the Shake Pi successfully connected to the internet involves more than one computer to be cooperative in making this succeed. and in our experience, school networks have proven to be extra challenging. home networks are usually less problematic (fewer firewall requirements to handle), but can still pose a challenge in some cases. you can read all about a very recent example of what can happen here. perhaps something in this thread may be of relevance to your use case.

like in that thread, i would like to see the log files again, from when the unit was connected to a LAN outside the school’s network. as well, if possible, please send along the following files:

  • /etc/resolv.conf
  • /etc/dhcpcd.conf

Also the output of the following command:
> traceroute

this is clearly a networking issue where somewhere along the way something is mis-configured; solving it is a matter of identifying the exact source of the problem before the proper remedy can be applied.

rest assured, thousands of units have come online without any issue whatsoever when using all the default settings. and for all the cases when there was a problem, including when installed on school networks, our support team has persevered and has always been successful in getting the unit online.

thanks in advance for the log files. sometimes, unfortunately, finding the source of a problem is a process of eliminating the possible causes, one by one. this is especially true when success requires the cooperation of other computers.


Hi Richard,

I am on a home network, not a school network. I may have to give up at this point, as I’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to get it working. I don’t know where I could go right now to connect it to a different LAN. And plus as I have said multiple times, it was working fine on this same network (no changes in config) before I reimaged the disk, and immediately afterwards would not connect. So I sincerely doubt it is the nextwork.