Shake connected but no data?

Hello, I have recently moved my raspberry shake due to a house move. I have the system reset and connecting ok. But I am not seeing any data from the device?

Logs attached…

RSH.R9F0D.2023-12-18T03_25_06.logs.tar (4.2 MB)

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slightly later logs…

RSH.R9F0D.2023-12-18T04_30_22.logs.tar (6.4 MB)

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Solved it, it’s a power issue…

Would love to see better a PoE option for the RS than having to use external ones, that sometimes don’t have enough power.

Hello clubber, and welcome back to the community!

Yes, that would have been my first suggestion (to check the power supply) too, given the information in the logs. Thank you for sending them.

Regarding PoE, if you want to explore that avenue, there is one of our users that has shared his preferred adapter+switch here: PoE+ Viability If you can find them locally (or you can order them online) you should be able to move from “standard” power supply units quite rapidly.