Rs.local doesn't access

I have used raspberry 3D one week correctly. I always use an ethernet cable connection.
Now the rs.local doesn’t answer.
I used Fing to see my network, but Raspberry Shake doesn’t appear.
The LEDs states are:
Pi board: red solid.
Shake board: blue solid.
Shake board aside blue: green blinking slowly.
No orange led.

Hello Urkupayawar, welcome to our community!

Thank you for contacting us about this issue with your Raspberry Shake.

Could you please shut down the Shake (since, in this case, you don’t have access to rs.local/, please unplug it directly from the power supply), and then after a couple of minutes, turn it on again, and check that the LEDs display the following behavior? Technical Specifications — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

The fact that, when on, the red, blue, and green lights are working seems to suggest that the Shake is booting up properly and the problem lies in a connection issue with your network, but without the logs I cannot be 100% sure.

If, when restarting it, you gain again access to the rs.local/ page, could you please download and post the logs here? Instructions on how to do so are here: Please read before posting!

If, instead, after restarting the Shake continues to not appear on the network, could you please try plugging in to a different port on your modem/router, or, if you have one available around, changing the LAN cable with another one?

Thank you for your collaboration.

Hi, the problem was the Ethernet cable with the All Weather Enclose connector.
I continue with the tests.

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Thank you for updating us about this issue.

Checking the cables would have been my next suggestion, and you did good in anticipating it.