RaspberryShake FDSN server down?

Hello, I am trying to download RaspberryShake waveform data using the obspy FDSN client. My script is erroring out with the following message:
obspy.clients.fdsn.header.FDSNNoServiceException: No FDSN services could be discovered at 'https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com'. This could be due to a temporary service outage or an invalid FDSN service address.

When I try to navigate to https://data.raspberryshake.org/fdsnws, I get a privacy error saying the site’s certificate date is invalid.

Is there something going on on the server side, or am I messing something up on my end? My downloading script was working normally earlier today.

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Hello sdg, welcome to our community!

Thank you for the notification, I think that there’s no issue on your side, as we are aware of the certificate issue and working to fix it as soon as possible.

I also recommend to change all your https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com FDSNWS address to data.raspberryshake.org, as the latter is now the reference for this service.

I will update you as soon as the team updates me.

Hello again sdg,

Our https://data.raspberryshake.org FDSNWS address is available and accepting connections again.

Please check on your side, but everything should be fine now.
Thank you again for your feedback.

Thanks very much for the quick reply Stormchaser. The service is working as normal for me now.


No problem at all, and great to hear that!