Raspberry Shake not appearing on Station View and not functioning in services

Hello Shake Team,
I have a problem here, my Raspberry Shake 1D AM.R69E9 is not appearing on Station View and either ShakeNet and not functioning in third party services (Swarm, Jamaseis, etc.)

This happened suddenly in aprox. 1 day before and it disconnected to the server.

Please help me, this happened 15 days ago and it happened the same thing but it suddenly connect again.

Thank you for the help,

Monitoreo Sísmico JP

Hello jboutet16,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue. As usual, I would need the logs from your Shake to try and understand where the issue is.

The instructions on how to download them can be found here: Please read before posting!

Thank you.

I am very afraid that something happens to the Shake because sometimes I set up in a very long distance.
Please help me, here you go.

RSH.R69E9.2021-08-10T16_35_11.logs.tar (3.2 MB)

Hello jboutet16, thank you for the logs.

From them, it appears that the Shake cannot find any internet connection, as this line displays:

2021 197 01:18:00: Unable to resolve hostname 'raspberryshake.net', most likely no DNS server available
2021 197 01:18:00: No internet connection found

Is it possible for you to restart both the local modem/router and the Shake? And check, if after both reboots, the Shake manages to connect again?

If needed, you can send me the new logs so that we can analyze the situation further.