Raspberry Shake in offline mode

Hi Everyone,

I’m using the Raspberry Shake in offline mode (no GPS) with stand-alone ON mode. But, when I tried to make download the data, I don’t have data. Can you help me, please?

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Hello Manuelle,

Can you please provide the logs to your Shake? Instructions to find them here: Please read before posting!

Also, with what program did you try to download the data? Did you try via SSH or via SWARM, or some other software?

Thank you.


I’m making download with FileZilla. For the pre-processing, I have been using the Swarm.
In attachment the log.RSH.RBAE5.2021-05-14T09_18_23.logs.tar (4.4 MB)

Hello Manuelle,

thank you for the logs. From them, I can see that the offline mode is properly activated and that all the processes that need to work are doing their job.

However, in other files, I can see this:

2021 093 19:44:34>>	%ÁÊ?mUÉÁÊ?v*]0ÉÊwTRe??S??E?I??W?ÑÊfEY ÙÊ?a??ÉË?eUBe??[??E?I?%ÁÊcTBeüI??[?ÑÊeDY ÙÊ'W?Be??eU?U?Y??T?ÁË?SEBe??S?
2021 093 19:44:34>>	Y?â?ÊÄE?I?,%ÁÊUII ÉÊ?	W?ÁËMEI ÉËWeDBe??cS?ÁË?FI ÉËwQ??ÉËwU??ÉÊwTBe??Q??E?I?6Y?ÁËlä?E?I?wåî_k?M?DY2S??Ë?AÐE

When this ‘gibberish’ writing appears, it can mean that there is no, or erroneous, communication between the sensors and the rest of the hardware. Even if the Shake was pre-assembled, could you please check that all the connections between the sensors and the blue Shake board are solid, and that the Shake board is firmly fitted on the Raspberry Pi board?

Sometimes a simple loose fitting can cause what you are seeing. I’ll wait for your check before we can proceed forward. You can attach pictures if you want.