Metal Plating on the Raspberry Shake


I’m kind of new about the raspberry shake thing. I’ve been working on a lot of hardware relating to the Raspberry and IoT. Most of the time, I find that metals cause interference in the sending of signals on some components. Not sure why, though.

But for my Raspberry Shake, I would like to attach it to a metal plating so that whenever I decide to move it to another place, I could just carry the metal instantly. Would like to ask does metal plates or metals near the raspberry shake could cause any interference with the side of the raspberry shake? Thanks a lot!

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Hello johnmel22, and welcome to the community!

Metal plating could generate interference with the signals recorded by the Shake, so we recommend using something different, such as a thick sheet of acrylic (plexiglass) that should suit your needs of transportation without having the negative effects of the other material.

Metal can sometimes act as an “antenna” of sorts, picking up RF interference that can be a bother for some components, as you have already noticed. Another solution would be for you 3D printing a suitable case (an example here: 3d printed case) that you can use to move the Shake around.