Lost Connection to Shake Network

I relocated my shake last week and it connected back to the network without any issues. This morning, I got an email from Raspberry Shake saying it was offline. The map on My Shake shows a red “online” triangle, but it says Station offline at the bottom of the screen. It also is not showing up on the StationView or DataView page. I am able to view on Swarm though.

The only reason I disconnected it was because I offered to set it up for Science Night for our elementary school and I wanted to see if it would work. I also had offered it up for my daughter’s 4th grade class to use for their natural disasters unit.

Any suggestions? I would like to use the DataView with the kids so they can jump and see their movement in real time. Should I be able to relocate it once in a while for things like that? Or is it meant to just be setup in one location and never moved? It’s been in the same spot in my HS classroom for a few years, but I would like to make it more accessible to some of the younger grades.


Hello BRCSD, welcome back to our community!

It seems that the Shake has had loss of connectivity between Feb. 10th and yesterday, but now is transmitting again live data to all our portals. Here’s StationView: RS StationView

There are no issues with relocating the Shake, you can move it around as much as you want/need. It is completely portable. It may take up to 24h, however, for it to re-appear on our services after it has been disconnected for some days, like in this case. It will always be immediately available over direct connections or in local networks, as you have already noticed.

Without the logs from the unit I cannot be more precise regarding the possible cause of this event, so, if you want, you can download them and post them here. Instructions on how to do so are in this post: Please read before posting!