Live record broken from RS4Ds


two RS4D ie AM.R0B07 and AM.R23D7 show a broken record. Additionally, we inspected AM.R23D7 and found no mechanical error, but it only displays noise record. Could you please help us solve these issues?

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Hello dpenava, welcome back to our community.

Thank you for contacting us regarding these Shakes. From what I can see from the available data, there could be issues with time synchronization or data connection, but I cannot be sure without the logs from each affected instrument.

Could you please download the two logs from the two Shakes and attach them here? In case you need them, instructions on how to do so are on this page: Please read before posting!

Thank you.

Pozdrav…Ako trebate pomoč se mi javite na email:

Sam tu v blizini pa možemo, da pogledamo što ne valja… Pozz Marco

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