Jessie distribution and GPS

Hi all,
I’ve bought 3 devices (one 3D seismograph, one boom and one boom&seismograph1D) without GPS and configured with the jessie Raspbian version of Debian.
I would like to install a GPS on each of this three devices. I’ve tried to install gpsd and gpsd-clients to ensure my RaspberryShake be able to communicate with my market-bought GPSs. Unfortunately, it’s seems that jessie is no longer supported by Debian and jessie can’t be updated. The result is that I can’t install gpsd ans gpsd-clients on my devices.
Can you advice me to solve this problem ? For example, is it possible to install a youngest version of Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS or Duster) without lose the functionnality of my Shake, Boom and Shake&Boom RaspberryShakes ? Or do you know programm which run on jessie and do the GPS and the RaspberryShakes comminucate together ?
Thanks and regards
Reiller Hugo

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Hello Hugo, and welcome to our community!

You could install our latest Shake OS version (which is based on buster) so that you can see if there are drivers available for the GPS modules that you have. If you choose to do so, I’ll leave the microSD card burn instructions here for your convenience:

If this doesn’t work, then you can try to update the OS of the latest image above, paying attention to verify that all the Shake OS functionalities are still in working order. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes, as you can always re-flash the microSD card and start anew.

In the case this still does not work and drivers are still not available for your GPS, I would then recommend acquiring the ones we provide in our shop (GPS Antenna | Accessories), which are tested and proven to work with our Shake OS.

Hi Stormchaser,
Thank’s for the help it works well now !


Hello Hugo,

That’s great to hear! Happy to help.