I need urgent help, with my RS1D

Please I need urgent help, I bought a RS1D, connected and configured it with all the steps completed in the instruction manual.

When I am on the raspberryshake.local page, after a period of time, the page tells me that the seismograph has been turned off.

The message I get on the screen ‘‘the raspberry shake is off’’ and with a subtitle of ‘‘the system has shut down’’.

The curious thing is that the RaspberryShake (RS1D) is on, not off, so I don’t know what it can be.

I tell you, that the plug that connects to the RaspberryShake, has an adapter, and I have noticed that it moves a little when connecting it to the RaspberryShake.

Is this the reason why I get this message? And I can’t see the data?

Or is it an internet problem?

I would appreciate your technical comments on this matter, as soon as possible.

Hello ISebaYT, welcome to our community!

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

Could you please download and post the logs from your Shake so I can take a more in-depth look? Instructions on how to do so are here: Please read before posting!

Thank you.

Hi Stormchaser, the raspberryshake page, specifically raspberryshake.local, gives me the following message after 30 minutes of my RS1D being connected to both power and an Ethernet LAN cable:

‘‘Raspberry Shake is off’’
‘‘The system has been shut down’’

Could it be an internet problem? Or a cable problem?

Hello again,

As a note, the page raspberryshake.local/ has been replaced by the page rs.local/. We have made this change some years ago to keep the address a bit more compact.

From what I can see, this issue could be related to some kind of microSD card corruption or some power supply issue. Without the logs from the Shake, I cannot be more precise, however.

When you can, please download them while the Shake is still on (during the mentioned 30-minute window) and post them here, so that I can examine them to try to understand what is happening.

If you cannot download the logs, then I advise you to either replace the Shake power supply with another one that you have available, and/or re-burning Shake OS on the microSD card. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

Thank you for your collaboration.

Hello StormChaser, I have tried with all the solutions that you gave me and it keeps throwing the same message of ‘‘Raspberry Shake is off’’
‘‘The system has been shut down’’

As I mentioned before, the Sensor does not turn off as if I had unplugged it, it is still connected to the power and Ethernet with LAN Cable

I would like to know another solution, and if there is not, I need to know if there is a technician in Chile to go to, and if there is not, I will need to ask for the money back, since the seismograph may be defective and have some internal problem.

Hello ISebaYT,

I’m sorry to hear that both checking the power supply and the microSD card re-burn have not solved the issue you are experiencing.

Let’s go back to the start. You said that the Shake displays the “Off” message about 30 minutes after it has been turned on. Is this still correct?

Have you tried to power it from different wall sockets to see if it displays the same message after a while? After reviewing the data that the Shake has managed to upload to our servers (RS DataView BETA), I see that on some occasions the instrument has been online for hours, before stopping data transmission.

This may suggest that the message that the Shake is Off may not be correct or is appearing for some reason that we have yet to discover.

Could you please try to turn it off and on again, access rs.local/ from your browser as soon as the Shake is operative, and then click on the orange button “Download Log Files”? Once done, can you add the log files to your next answer, so that I can check them out and possibly see what is exactly happening? Without log files, I cannot unfortunately provide more support.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

Hello, I have tried the original RaspberryShake plug in different power outlets, I have also tried another plug with the same original characteristics and it continues to give the same problem.

I enclose the corresponding data that you ask me for in the last paragraph

RSH.R351A.2022-09-30T16_42_44.logs.tar (1.0 MB)

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Thank you for the logs.

I will update you as soon as I can.

RSH.R351A.2022-10-01T13_58_30.logs.tar (1.1 MB)

New log data

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