I can find raspberry shake in my Lan

Hello guys!
I have a problem with my raspberry shake, I connect in Internet but i can’t connect with SSH and Web Interface. How to resolve this? Follow pictures in append raspberry shake and IP Scanner.

Hello luuiz, welcome to the community!

I assume that you “cannot” find your Shake into your LAN. From the pictures that you have sent I can see the blue and red LEDs seem to be working as they should. Are the green and orange LEDs attached to the LAN port (circled in the picture) are also active?


You can also try to use an app like Fing, as explained here: Please read before posting! to see if manages to find the Shake in your network.

Thanks Stormchase for the answer!
Yes, both LEDs are active, but I can’t find my raspberry. Follow the photos of the Fing app and the active LEDs.

Sorry for the delay in responding

Hello luiiiz,

don’t worry, it’s not a problem. If you haven’t tried yet, could you shut down your Shake, then your modem/router, wait for ~5 minutes, turn on your modem/router again, then when there is an internet connection, turn on your Shake again?

Is the Shake now visible in your modem/router control panel, or via Fing?