How to change Network code and name?

I’m new to raspberry shake…
How can I change the station’s name and the network’s name?
on /opt/settings/sys directory, there are two files:

/opt/settings/sys/NET.txt ( AM in my RS4d)
/opt/settings/sys/STN.txt (R270A in my RS4d)

some information in the same directory:


but in the directory /opt/settings/config there is:

"Station" : {
  "net": "AM",
  "stn": "R270A",
  "loc": "00",
  "chn": "E[HZ,NZ,NN,NE]"

thanks in advance …

Hello RodrigoSan,

Unfortunately, we do not (yet) support changing the network code and station name from the configuration files inside the Shake itself.

They can, however, be changed downstream to whatever terminology or acronyms you desire using seiscomp or earthworm.

It would be great to be able to change the station to the name of the site or city zone it is located while RS should make sure that no station code or name is not repeated.

It would facilitate a lot all station searches

Hello SismosDOM, welcome to the community!

Yes, we have considered something like what you propose since many customers have expressed interest in changing station codes.

It will potentially be available two releases from now, with version v0.20, scheduled for release in 2022.

Hey Stormchaser, just curious with the update of v0.20, if the ability to change the network and station name had in fact been implemented. If so, do you mind directing me to the process to change the network code and station name?
I found this following page that discusses changing names but it is a little hard for me to follow and the link to the response file (hyperlink) on the page is broken.
Not sure if this page is the update you were originally referencing but It sounds like I should be able to download a sort of “dummy” station inventory file and I also need to have a installation on my computer of SeisComP. I personally haven’t done much with that program but have worked with earthworm, but I was hoping the new update with version 0.20 would have a way to change the network and name with the station on the station dashboard URL interface.
If the change has been implemented and there is a way to make this change, can you direct me to these instructions. If the instructions I linked to are the way to make these changes to the SNLC, then I’ll see if I can work them through, but I might request the link be fixed on that webpage, or link to how we can get a station inventory file. Thanks in advance.

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Hello jpschmidt8, welcome to our community!

You can find the update notes on our Shake OS v0.20 here: Shake OS v0.20 has been released!

Unfortunately, due to the appearance of a serious bug that required an immediate fix from our side, the functionality of changing the network code and/or the station name has been pushed forward to future releases. I cannot, as of now, provide an ETA on this, but announcements will be made as usual as soon as the new releases are published.

Thank you for the notification about the broken link, I have now fixed it. If it still doesn’t work, please hard refresh with Ctrl+F5 (or MAC equivalent) and it should work fine.

And yes, the process is as you listed. You download the inventory file of your station from that link (modifying the station code in the link itself from the base one that is on the manual) and then, on your local SeisComP installation, you can point to this downloaded inventory and the continue with the instructions. It is, for now, the only way to change the station/network code of our Shake models.

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