How can I change the system time of raspberry shake?


I am trying to collect vibration data from my raspberry shake but the timestamps I am getting are not correct. I logged into the raspberry shake to check the time using date command and when I compared it to the system time it shows me not the raspberry shake browser interface which can be accessed using the ip address of the shake:5000, it shows me the time 4 hours ahead of what I am getting when I check it from inside the system.
I tried to configure ntp but nothing is changing the system time.
Can someone tell me what should I do?


Hi @raghavrahi, thanks for your message. The Raspberry Shake uses UTC time (GMT+0). It sounds like you may be expecting data to be in a UTC-4 time zone.

We don’t support recording data outside of UTC. I don’t know of a seismic station does not record in UTC, as that is the industry standard. Often, seismic display software will display time zone conversions from UTC to local time, but every data source I am aware of is recorded in UTC to avoid confusion and enhance scientific collaboration.

I’d be happy to answer questions you may have about this.