How can I change the system time of raspberry shake?

I am trying to collect vibration data from my raspberry shake but the timestamps I am getting are not correct. I logged into the raspberry shake to check the time using date command and when I compared it to the system time it shows me not the raspberry shake browser interface which can be accessed using the ip address of the shake:5000, it shows me the time 4 hours ahead of what I am getting when I check it from inside the system.
I tried to configure ntp but nothing is changing the system time.
Can someone tell me what should I do?

Hi @raghavrahi, thanks for your message. The Raspberry Shake uses UTC time (GMT+0). It sounds like you may be expecting data to be in a UTC-4 time zone.

We don’t support recording data outside of UTC. I don’t know of a seismic station does not record in UTC, as that is the industry standard. Often, seismic display software will display time zone conversions from UTC to local time, but every data source I am aware of is recorded in UTC to avoid confusion and enhance scientific collaboration.

I’d be happy to answer questions you may have about this.


Hallo Ian,

I have the same Question as I am staying in south Africa and our time is UTC+2,
On the Raspberry Shake RS4D time displayed is 2 hours behind us.

Does this mean when I record data it will displayed it with the UTC 0 time which is 2hours behind us.

I am still in the Process of installing swarm software will this be corrected in the Swarm software as you mention that softwares do convert to the real time.

hello jacques,

as ian mentioned, all seismometers, regardless the manufacturer, record their data according to UTC. since SWARM, for example, displays the time on the y-axis in both UTC and the local timezone, there is no need for you to change the clock on the Shake computer. furthermore, if you plan to forward your data to the Shake server, it would be rejected out-of-hand when the timestamps are not UTC-based.



Thank you alot Ivor.

i have one more Question.

I want to monitor Dam/Structure and the Groundmotion affecting them.
What i need is something like a notification when groundmotion goes above a certain level or value.

And is there any means that i could create type of report that people can look at or that i can backup in a readable format?

hi jaques,

yes, we recently released a client-side program that reads data directly coming off the instrument that will issue an alert vs. your own STA/LTA parameters. or, you can write your own event-detection method.

please have a look at the release announcement here.



Thanks Richard,

i will have a read about it and see what i can do.

My plan is to send notification when the RS4D ground motion goes over a certain Velocity.


How can i do Reporting from the System itself like the amount events detected over period of time?

Sir Richard,

If i would write my own script file to send the UDP data out is there an info or tutorial that you can send or direct me too?

hi jaques,

if i understand you correctly, you want to read the UDP data and do something with it?

a complete discussion of the UDP data, how to configure and how to read it, can be found here.

as well, the python program i referred you to is open-source; feel free to have a look at the code to see how this problem is solved there. in this case, the data is read once off the UDP port and then internally forwarded to any number of data-processing agents (or, a separate program thread), each responsible for doing something different with the data. you can easily add your own data-processing agent to the mix.