How can I add my Boom and 4D to Swarm?


I would like to add my 4D and Boom to SWARM however the ports are the same. How can I change them?

Hello Eugenebrink,

what do you mean with ‘the ports are the same’?

In any case, have you seen our guides on how to configure SWARM to acquire data from your Shake?

Here’s the main page:
When I set-up mine, the Raspberry Shake-specific configuration section was what made it work.

Here’s the USGS full manual of the latest version (v3.1.0 - Feb. 2020):

Here’s our full installation guide:

And, finally, here’s a presentation video:

Hello, both the raspberry shake and boom have the same port number, so you cannot have a shake and boom in the same swarm session.

All right, now that I checked our database I understood what you meant: you have two different stations that you want to see at the same time.

You can bypass this issue by, for example, connecting the RS4D to the Winston Wave Server Data Source (so directly to your SWARM client, by putting in the Shake IP address and the port).

After this first step then you can set-up a connection to the FDSN Web Services by adding and naming another Data Source from the Data Chooser window, selecting the FDSN WS tab and copying the following the the first two fields respectively:

Once this is done, you should see the new named source on the left. Double click on it, wait for the network to load, and then find your RBOOM in the list under the Network subgroup.

In this way you will be able to see data from both your stations in helicorder form. The event from this morning in SoCal is quite visible on your RBOOM too.