Setting up RBOOM

I just purchased the RS4D and RBOOM. I got the RS4D set up and running but, cannot find how to set up/configure the RBOOM to get it my location on the map. Would I use something like rs-2.local or rb.local? Also, is SWARM okay to use to display explosions, lightning, etc. or would there be a better program/app to use. Thanks in advance.

Hello harry, welcome to the community!

Since you have two Shakes in your local network you can use two different methods:

  1. access them via rs.local and rs-2.local addresses
  2. find their assigned IP addresses (via your modem/router configuration page, or via using the app Fing Fing App | Network toolkit and scanner | Fing) and then enter them in your browser

Remember that the RBOOM has a dedicated page (Boom View) here different from the Shakes StationView.

It is also accessible from the Web Apps section in your personal ShakeNet page:

On your question, yes, you can use SWARM, since it will always display the raw data recorded from the RBOOM. You can also use our basic Python code to do some conversions Developer’s corner — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

You’re welcome. Enjoy your instruments!


Thanks for the info and quick response. For some reason rs-2.local didn’t work however, using the IP address worked okay and I was able to configure the Boom and connect it to the server. Now I can see it on the Boom View map.

The only thing now is, I can see the Shake in myshake networks in SWARM but, the Boom does not show up there. I have to go to RS Community to select it and view the graph. Should the Boom be added to myshake automatically or is there a way to add it manually? Thanks for your help.

Hello harry,

You’re welcome, no problem at all. And glad to hear that you were able to connect and configure the RBOOM!

Regarding SWARM, could you please post a couple of screenshots showing your configuration of the myshake network?

I ask because there are various ways to do it, and I want to be sure to not confuse you by explaining a different one from the one you are using.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but, in swarm.config, I see the following statements. I noticed that the myshake server statement is only showing the Shake and not the Boom. Can I manually add it in there or is there a better way to do it?



server=RS Community;

Hello harry,

yes, that is exactly what I needed, thank you.

The dataselect options are ok for the entire network, as is the setup for your myshake section. As you can see, this second one is defined by an IP address (which I assume is the one of your Shake), so you will need to add another data source with the RBOOM IP address to be able to see it on SWARM.

Yes, the IP address that shows there is for the Shake. Actually, I just found that someone else had the same issue How can I add my Boom and 4D to Swarm?

If you could step me through how to add the Boom to Swarm, it would be appreciated especially what port to use. Thanks.


You can disregard. I finally figured it out how to add the Boom as a new data source. Now it’s playtime. :grinning: Thanks a lot for your help.

FYI, for anyone else that may have a problem adding their sensor to Swarm, here is what I did.

In Swarm, click on the New Data Source icon and in the pop-up, enter a new name (I called it myBoom), enter the IP address of the sensor in the IP Address or Host Name field, change the Port number to 16032 and click OK. Done.

Here is what my Swarm config looks like now.

server=RS Community;


Hello harry,

this was exactly what I was going to suggest, you have anticipated me!

Enjoy your two instruments!

Thanks, Stormchaser. Here is another “trivia” question for you. I have the Motorola NVG589 gateway modem with a USB 2.0 network port. Is it possible to use a USB cable to connect the Shake or Boom directly to the USB port on the modem for the network connection. It looks like I can but, just want to make sure. Thanks.

Hello harry, you’re welcome.

We have never tried with a direct USB-to-modem connection, but we always encourage users to try new things and report back to us, so that it can maybe be used by other users in the future.

The closest topic that we have in our manual is this one: How to setup USB GPRS — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Maybe you can take it as a starting point to expand your experimentation further.

Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try. One thing I’m not sure of is how to ssh into the Shake/Boom from Windows 10.

No problem at all.

You can find how to SSH from your OS at this page on our manual: How to access your Raspberry Shake’s computer via ssh — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

Got it. Many thanks. I’ll let you know what happens.

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Stormchaser, I went to the store to get a USB cable and talked to a tech who was familiar with RPi and he said that a USB port on the router was only meant for things like printers and storage devices. Info I read from other sources on the internet said the same thing. So, I’ll have to forget that idea.

Hello harry,

thank you for reporting back, even with a negative answer. It was a test worth doing in the end.

I understand, then the only means of connection will remain as LAN cables, WiFi dongles or GPRS modems.

Thank you for trying!