Grey icon station view

Hi all,

I have the same problem as these topics:

Looks like it might be server sided.

Hello agitri, welcome to our community!

I see that too in my StationView window. Could you please download the logs from your Shake and post them here? Instructions can be found on this page: Please read before posting!

They will help in trying to better identify the cause of this problem.

Thank you.

I got the logs for you:

RSH.R898A.2021-12-08T19_23_29.logs.tar (628 KB)

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Thank you for the logs, it seems that this indeed a server-side issue at first glance.

I have opened a ticket for our software team, and we will try to correct this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

goede dag,

after too much time, we were finally able to finalize the solution. your station is now properly colored and reporting the correct ground motion values.

thanks for your patience, and apologies for the delayed solution.


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Hi Richard,

I know software can be a pain (developer life).

Im glad u got it sorted, may i ask what was the cause?


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we have several servers that make up the Shake ecosystem. when some type of change occurs, e.g., meta-data definition, this needs to propagate through the various systems. each system / server is unique in the functionality it provides and is supported using different programs, involving different import procedures. for the most part this goes well, but every now and then something goes missing and requires a bit of a hunting expedition to locate what didn’t get updated properly.

apologies this took so long, usually we can find the culprit fairly quickly, but every now and then…


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