FDSN Server Status


Thank you so much for your hard work on getting everything up and running. It is much appreciated.

I had a question however. It seems that in the Live Data Issues pinned thread, it states that the FDSN server is back up. However, when running obspy python code, i still get the message

No FDSN services could be discovered at ‘https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com’. This could be due to a temporary service outage or an invalid FDSN service address.

Navigating this URL leads to a message that says the service is down. Is this another maintenance or did the thing break.

Thank you!


Hello alavrouk,

Thanks for your words; you’re more than welcome!

In ObsPy, were you using the format Client('RASPISHAKE'), or the direct address Client('https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com')?

Both should work, but I will ask our server team to check in any case, just to be sure.

I would recommend updating your code to use Client('RASPISHAKE'), or use our alternative direct address Client('http://data.raspberryshake.org') that will give you access to the same data service as the previous one.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention, and if you need anything else, just let us know.


Client(‘RASPISHAKE’) doesn’t work at all. The other option pretends to work, but it cannot fetch any data. Let me know if I need to provide any more details.


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Hello alavrouk,

Can you give me the start and end date/times you are using in your ObsPy query? I want to try and recreate the problem on my side so I can offer more focused help.

Thank you.


My queries are all triggered by a certain live event on another sensor. I stash the start and end time of my event and wait ~35 minutes before I retrieve (since it is delayed by 30 minutes for FDSN).

I mean, if you just navigate here: https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/ you will see that it says it is under maintenance, and using Client('RASPISHAKE') doesnt work at all. When using Client('http://data.raspberryshake.org'), I don’t get that error, but I get an error when trying to retrieve the shake data 35 minutes after live (it should be available).


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Hello alavrouk,

Our team is looking at https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com/, so this address remains unavailable for now. We apologize for this inconvenience.

I tested Client('http://data.raspberryshake.org') yesterday with random dates and times of the day, and, as you can see from the example below, it manages to find good data from your Shake:

I recommend using this FDSNWS address and then increasing your trigger time to run the program to 40 minutes after the event. This may seem like a slight 5-minute delay, but as we continue to work and consolidate our server infrastructure, it could help compensate for the errors you’re seeing.

Hi Stormchaser,

Thanks so much for the assist. Apologies for only posting when its to whine about something being down/not working haha.I am actively looking to contribute more to this community as my project continues to grow.

Thanks so much!


Hello Alavrouk,

You’re more than welcome! No problem at all.

No worries about that :wink: We always look forward to what our Shakers will create!