FDSN and Winston Services Down?

Hello all, I do see that there’s an ongoing recovery effort for some data services that started 15 days ago, but I’m not entirely certain what’s still being worked on and what’s back up and working, so apologies if there’s better information elsewhere that I’m not aware of.

I’m trying to retrieve waveforms for a recent local earthquake this morning using the Swarm application. I usually do this via the “RS Community” data source, which uses the Winston Wave Service protocol hosted at caps.raspberryshakedata.com, but it’s having trouble connecting. Likewise, I tried using the FDSN service via data.raspberryshake.org, but that’s not working either.

Is this expected?

Hello ke6jjj, and wecome to our community.

That is correct, archive data access is not yet available and is being actively worked on so that we can restore data access via the means you have mentioned. As of now, we have restored live-data streaming capabilities across StationView and DataView, together with instrument response download. Anything missing continues to be worked on and will become available as soon as possible.

You can follow all updates and our latest status here on the forum: Live Data Issues

We apologize for the disruption and any inconvenience this outage may have caused. Thank you for your understanding.