Events recorded by my Shake 4D

Hallo Guys tell me,

When my shake 4d records seismic events is the data auto processed or must i look at data the analyse and locate the events.

These events will then be uploaded to the server.

or is this process done in the background

Hi @jaques—If data forwarding is turned on, data is sent to our servers and processed there. Events are not analyzed on the Shake itself. If you would like to inspect the data yourself, I recommend using the USGS Swarm tool, which is available as a download from the Shake’s web front end. Read more about it here:

Thanks that is good

Ian, meaning that you guys or someone will be processing the seismic events.
Can you help me how can set alarms on notifications when the shake
RSD4 goes above 60um/s ground vibration?

Hi Jaques,

We have software that will do a similar function by using the UDP datacast from the Shake. However instead of using a linear alarm parameter like 60 um/s, it uses a STA/LTA sudden motion algorithm, which can be filtered and tuned as necessary. It can also play an alert sound, save images of data, send tweets, and count events when the alarm threshold is exceeded.

That software is here:


Hi Ian i have to look into this and setup a UDP.

Will the Raspberry send out the Notification or the data will come to a central pc to whom the UDP port is setup to.

Then the Software test the LTA/STA and then triggers a Alarm.

The Shake will only be sending data to the PC. The PC will be doing the calculation and processing, and will issue the alarm.