Empty stats on home page rs.local

As soon as I installed to my sd card when I located with fling the raspberry shake device and connected the to the rs.local page no status , model name etc. are shown… all is empty.

Anyone might know how to configure this issue ?

Hello Titanas, welcome to the community!

Oh, this seems quite unusual, but let’s see what we can do about it.

What operative system and browser are you using?

When you used Fing it should have given you a local IP address (like, for example, or 10.10.something.something). Have you tried to connect to that address directly (by writing it in the browser address bar and pressing enter) instead of rs.local?

If you are able to connect via this way, can you then click on Download Log Files and post them here for us to check? Thank you.

Hello, thank you! sorry for my late reply,

I am using Windows 10 32-bit and chrome browser.

Yes Fing has given me another IP address which connects me to the same page.
I was able to download the log files and i attach to this message.RSH…2020-09-24T06_50_38.logs.tar (371.5 KB)

Fing recognizes the model of the raspberry.

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards, Titanas

Hello Titanas, no problem.

Ok, having access via IP address is good, and the fact that it recognizes the Raspberry Pi is again a positive news.

From your logs it appears that the Shake OS cannot find the Pi Board and the sensor attached to it. If you notice the name of the log files does not have your station code between RSH and the date .These lines in postboot.log explain the issue:

2020 268 06:46:55: Setting Serial Port Name: HW Revision: a02082 / Port Name: /dev/ttyS0
2020 268 06:47:11: Unable to read Firmware version number off of Serial Port /dev/ttyS0 after trying for 15 seconds, cannot continue!
2020 268 06:47:11: Is the Pi computer connected to the Raspberry Shake Board? Please confirm and try again.

Did you assemble the Shake by yourself? Can you please check that every connection between the sensors, the blue Shake board and the Raspberry Pi are in the proper place and solid?

The Shake board should sit on pins 01 through 26 on the Raspberry Pi, as shown on this section of our manual: https://manual.raspberryshake.org/specifications.html#ip67-m12-connector-specifications

If you feel that they could be useful, you can also post some pictures of the Shake from different angles, so maybe it could be faster to spot any inconsistencies.

Hi ,

I have not assembled the raspberry by myself,

It seems all pins are connected…


thank you for all the pictures you’ve sent. Yes, the Shake appears fine, with all the connections in the right places.

From your photos, I am also seeing that the lighting on your Shake seems the correct one, with red and blue LED on the boards and green and orange on the LAN port. I cannot see the green LED near the red one, but since it blinks every now and then maybe it just wasn’t in the pictures.

The only thing that I can advise now is to burn again the microSD card. The process is quite simple, and listed in these steps:

  1. Please take the microSD cards you have and format it before burning the new Shake OS image.
  2. Make sure, when you format it, that the shown capacity is the maximum (i.e. if the SD card is 16GB, then the capacity should be near or equal to that value). This is to check that no partitions have been involuntarily and erroneously created. They could be the cause of the error we see now.
  3. Take care to format the SD card in a FAT32 File System (or exFAT if the SD card is 64GB or larger)
  4. Please download the new Shake OS image from here: https://gitlab.com/raspberryShake-public/raspShake-SD-img/raw/master/raspishake-release.zip
  5. And follow the microSD burning instructions from here: https://gitlab.com/raspberryShake-public/raspshake-sd-img/-/blob/master/raspishake-microSD-card-software-Instructions.txt

If this does work, then the Shake will boot up again fine and you should be able to see the details in the rs.local page.

Yes the green blinks and i didnt caught it on pic.
I followed your instructions but the same issue occurs.
I attach the log files also. RSH…2020-09-25T08_35_14.logs.tar (40 KB)


Thank you for the log files, and yes, it seems that we have the same identical condition.

I have passed the issue to our software/hardware teams, and I will update you as soon as I have news.

I wrote an email to you Titanas, so we can continue our discussion there.

ok thank you, will check now