Support for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

Hello Tech team,

I need to install obspy and gui apps on rpi-shake for stand-alone instrument, but I’m aware that rpi 3 or 4 model would not be suitable for my goal since they are not industrial grade.

I’m thinking to run rpi-shake board on rpi-compute module 3. a lot of vendors have developed rpi-cm3 dev board for industrial grade. So since the rpi-cm3 dev boards have the same standard 40-pin GPIO header as the rpi model 3, I think the shake board will also fit to the rpi-cm3 dev board.

The question is, is it possible to install the rpi-shake app on rpi-cm3?

Has anyone discussed this issue before?
Please advise.

Hello harry,

I’ve asked, for confirmation, to our team, and unfortunately, the RPi-cm3 or cm4 are not officially supported.

You can find a list of the supported RPis here on our manual:

Expanding on what I wrote in the previous message, to clarify, this is an excerpt from the page I’ve linked:

Any Ethernet- or Wifi-capable Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer can, theoretically, be supported. The only information we need to support an old or new model of the RPi is the serial port where data is read from, where the basic rule is for some specific models the tty port is named /dev/ttyS0 (e.g., Revisions 9000c1 and 920093) and for all others (as a catch-all condition) the tty name is /dev/ttyAMA0.

So, summarizing, this is not officially supported by us, but may very well work if you play around and do your own investigation, or it may not.

This is DIY and we encourage you or anyone else that is interested in such test trials to experiment as much as you like and report back your results.

Hello Stormchaser, thank you for your feedback.

Your explanation seems related to the “Empty stats on the home page rs.local” topic, so I think it would be better if the RPI-Shake provide a config file to edit the serial port.

We can find a solution for serial port CM3 here and worth a try.

Could you please provide us with a RPI-Shake installer (.deb)?
wich allow everyone to install the rpi-shake application on a fresh clean operating system (RPI Jessie or Stretch).

We don’t have a .deb installer, since the integration with our OS is really tight, and this was never an option.

The only Shake OS image that is provided by us is the one that can be found at this page:

which is the one used to burn the microSDs for all our Shake product range.

  • All models of Raspberry Shake, including:

    • Raspberry Shake [1D, 3D, 4D],
    • Raspberry Boom,
    • Raspberry Shake-n-Boom, and
    • Raspberry Jam use the same SD card image.
  • Includes suppot for 3 Model B and B+

  • Includes support for 4 Model B