Downloading Raw Data


How can i download Raw data?
i tried everything but still no progress.
please help

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Hello waw0102,

If you were referring to downloading data directly from the Raspberry Shake, then you can find all the information you need here in our manual: How to download your data

Instead, if you were referring to FDSNWS past data download, this is not yet accessible due to the server issues we have been (and are still) working to fix. You can find updates about the status of our work here: Live Data Issues

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thanks a lot. i have additional question sir, what app can i use to open the raw file? can you please recommend.

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You’re welcome.

After you have downloaded the .mseed raw data file (or the files), probably the easiest way to open them would be with SWARM.

Once you have installed and opened it, all that you need to do is click on File, then Open, and select the raw data file you want to visualize.