DataView Suggestion - 2

We currently have two “screens”, one being a streaming view of a selected station, and the other being a helicorder view of a much longer period of data from that station.

What I think might be useful is a third “screen” displaying simultaneous streams from a number of selected stations. This enables, at a glance, to determine if a given signal is purely local to one station, or a more interesting event detected by several (or all) stations being monitored.

Example: I recently noticed something on the data stream from my station, and wrote it off as local. Then, just out of interest, switched to the stream of the next closest station. It showed the same event, then switched to a third, more remote station, it too showed the event.

There is no way (that I can see…) currently to compare data from multiple stations, having that data displayed concurrently on the screen.


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