Data gaps on both Seedlink and on the local Helicorder

I have two RS4D installed in a remote location in Alaska. We are not currently sending data to Shake Net. They are both connected to the same cellular device with good cell signal. One of the shakes are working as expected, but the other is full of gaps. I have included the logs and a screen shot of the Heli for review.

I have verified that the power supply is stable and operating within specifications, and that all appropriate ports are open in my router. Any suggestions on how to improves this would be greatly appreciated.

RSH.R9BF7.2022-10-03T14-19-37.logs.tar (2.7 MB)

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@denali1973, I experienced something similar a few months ago. Below is a link to my situation at the time.
Out of curiosity, are you using the original power supply provided by RS? Are you extending the length of the power cable at all to get the RS out to a specific location? If so, your problem might be related to the RS not getting enough power ( ~ 5V) to function properly. The power supply only provides 5V which can degrade if the power cable is too long. If you are extending your power cable, I think the link might be of help for you to get some ideas.

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Hello denali,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue, and for the logs (and screenshot) from your Shake.

It appears that there is a lot of ‘gibberish’ that cannot be interpreted and thus stored successfully by the Shake during the gaps you see on the helicorder. Here’s an example:

2022 276 14:19:35>>	Q?BW?UBQªüBQYIàQ??SÁ?EU	E
2022 276 14:19:35>>	!E
2022 276 14:19:35>>	??WÂIIÐ?e??S?
2022 276 14:19:35>>	5QTBW?FIÐIÆÔEU??ÍÿOk?M?D[27W??Ë?QÐE
2022 276 14:19:35>>	'QA 

There are also some hard resets that are seen at the same time of the gaps:

2022 276 14:18:55>>	Time adjustment M0: HARD RESET.  This will result in a one-time time-tear.
2022 276 14:18:55>>	5.0: NTP Time (Init): NTP:	1664806735.566918135
2022 276 14:18:55>>	5.2: NTP Sync (HARD): VEL Before: 1664806639.806999922	After: 1664806735.305999994	Diff: 95.499000072
2022 276 14:18:55>>	5.2: NTP Sync (HARD): ACC Before: 1664806639.806999922	After: 1664806735.305999994	Diff: 95.499000072

As jpschmidt8 has also noted, my first thought would be to check and see if the power supply is delivering a stable voltage between 5.0 and 5.2V and a current of at least 2.5A at all times, as these gaps could be related to insufficient supply. His tech support thread is a very good trove of information.

A second check that you can do is to see if all the connections between the sensor, the blue Shake board, and the Pi board are still solid and free from dirt or any other element that could compromise transmission.

From the logs, everything else looks very good. The booting sequence is without issues, a network and time synchronization connection is found, and the Shake appears to be in good status. However, have you tried to put this Shake only on the cellular connection, to see if having two of them could be the cause of the issue you are seeing?

Thank you for the feedback! I am highly suspicious that the problem lies with the power cables we used in our setup. I have a reliable 12VDC to 5 VDC power supply (tested and provides the 3 Amps no problem), but the cabling is probably causing a voltage drop. Unfortunately the device in question is installed in a remote hard to reach location so I cannot change out the cabling immediately, but, I do have a spare Shake4D that I can bench test and try to recreate the issue. Thank you again for the suggestion and the well written report of findings you linked me to.

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Thank you. I will test the cabling on my next opportunity (to investigate voltage drop). I appreciate the suggestions and look forward to getting back to the device in question and getting the situation resolved. Thanks!


No problem @denali1973, I am glad you found it helpful. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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