Connection Issue : Not Connected

As you can see, the server remains not connected.
I have attached my logs.
RSH.R7C21.2024-03-13T00_43_33.logs.tar (70.5 KB)

I have reasons to believe that my school’s IP has been blocked. I can ping Google and other websites except The screenshot attached is the traceroute to the server.

When I use other connections, the connection seems fine. The problem only arises when connecting to the school’s internet connection.

Note: I have already reflashed the SD card twice and still the problem persists.


Hello Refrain, and welcome to our community!

Thank you for both the logs and the traceroute. Indeed, the Shake boots completely fine and all services are ON by the time the booting process ends. It also finds a stable internet connection and a good time synchronization server, so we are good on that side.

Your hypothesis is correct, as the Shake cannot find a way to communicate with us as the necessary ports are probably closed in the school network (which is usually more secure compared to normal houses’ networks).

Could you please ask your school IT department to open ports 55555 and 55556 for TCP? It may also be necessary to add the Shake IP address (sometimes even its MAC address) to your school’s firewall exceptions for the instrument to be able to connect with our servers.

And, if your IT experts require more info, you can forward them this page on our manual which should include everything they require: Firewall issues?

For anything else, I remain available.

Hi there!

Thanks for the response!

I have contacted our IT department. According to the person I talked to, the schools internet firewall is not restricting anything.

I have attached the traceroute of two different connections. One from the school internet and there other is from home network.

Both have the same ISP but only from home network can the traceroute proceed to the server. Particular at common route server with ip


Hello Refrain,

Thanks to your traceroutes! No problem at all.

So we are in a situation where the same ISP is used and the same IP is reached in the traceroute, but only the school network displays the issue.

Could you please try the following from both networks and post the results here?

  1. ping the remote system with: ping
  2. check ports with nc -zvw5 55555 and nc -zvw5 55555

Also, after doing these tests, can you download the new logs from both networks and attach them?

Thank you!

Ive seen the DNS server tab cause some issues for my shake Even on a home network, Just a little tip as it seems it chose the Incorrect DNS as i think my router has it on Dynamic Mode

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Using Home Network

RSH.R7C21.2024-03-15T10_37_26.logs.tar (759.5 KB)


School Network


Thank you for the two separate tests, Refrain.

They confirm what I was thinking: something is still clearly blocking Shake from accessing our servers from the School Network.

Could you try to ping, from the School Network, a standard server like Google with ping

ping form school network

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In case you might be wondering, the school network has static IP address


RSH.R7C21.2024-03-16T08_46_28.logs.tar (702.5 KB)
Latest logs, connected to school network


Thank you again for the new test and the updated logs Refrain.

Both confirm that, while the Shake is unblocked from general internet access (proven by the successful Google ping and time server connection), something is still blocking transmission to our server.

I would go back to your IT department, present these results (even ask them to replicate the issue so that they can see it with their eyes), and ask them to unblock the connection to, particularly on ports 55555 and 55556 on [TCP].

It is possible that exceptions have to be added to the School firewall for this, as it has already happened in other similar cases. Until you ping and zc commands from the School network output the same result that is shown from the home network, there is still something interfering with data transmission to the Shake network.

Thank you again for your collaboration.