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Hello all,

My RaspberryShake is no longer providing data. I am connecting via the ssh protocol with a ethernet cable and without internet connexion. Is the Off Line mode (activate by me because I will make measurement where there no internet) is linked to my problem ? If no, do you have a solution ?

Thank’s all !


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Hello Hugo,

To provide more info regarding the issue you are experiencing, could you please download the logs from the Shake (instructions can be found here, if needed: Please read before posting!) and post them here? This is to cover our bases on all sides.

As you are operating via SSH, you can also find them in /opt/log/; you can download all files, zip them, and then attach the zipped file to your answer.

Thank you!

Hello Stormchaser,
It is strange, it seems that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work …
You can find my log here.
RSH.R1923.2023-11-01T22 56 29.logs.tar (4.2 MB)


Hello Hugo,

Thank you for the logs! For some reason, some of the files were truncated, so I wasn’t able to read them properly. When you have time, could I please ask you the favour of rebooting the Shake, wait for around 30 min, download the new logs and send them to me again?

Thank you.

Hello Stormchaser,

I’ve discovered yesterday that my sd card was damaged : instead to be a 16 GB sd card, it is a 63 Mo card. I don’t know what happened exactly (maybe I’ve ejected it without enought caution) … It is market card, does not provide by Raspberry Shake. Can you advise me about the type of card the best adapt for RAspberry Shake ?


Hello Stormchaser,

I have further questions for you. In fact I am wondering one genral thing : how the data provider work ?
In that, a GPS is needed to provide data ? If yes, if the GPS just gives the UTC time (because it is an old one), is it enought ? A number of satellite detects by the GPS is needed ?


Hello Hugo,

It is possible that what you are seeing (if you have connected the microSD card to a Windows PC) is only the portion that Windows recognizes (so the microSD card could still be fine).

Onto the microSD card types we advise you to get, we strongly recommend against using consumer-grade TLC microSD cards with Raspberry Shake. Use commercial-grade (MLC) or industrial-grade (SLC) microSD cards instead. Raspberry Shakes have shipped with MLC microSD cards since ~August, 2018.

You can find all the info regarding microSD cards and RaspberryShakes here: microSD card topics but, before buying another one, I would recommend a re-burn to have a “fresh start” and restoring the content of the microSD to factory status

The process is straightforward (all instructions to do so are here: microSD card topics) and it will allow us to see if the card is really damaged, or if it can be saved.

Onto your second message, the GPS is only used to acquire precise timing data when (as in your case, with OFFLINE mode turned ON) there is no internet connection to provide it. This ensures that all the seismic data the Shake records is perfectly synchronized and can be immediately used alongside other instruments, if necessary. As with all GPS receivers, the more satellites in range the better, but even 2-3 are enough to get a signal.

Hello Stormchaser,

Thank you for the precise response.


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Hello Hugo,

No problem at all; you’re welcome.