Zerotier Online - Unable to Talk to Station

I have 4 stations running in a field remotely. My Zerotier page and the station map is reporting that all 4 of the stations are up and running. However, I cannot SSH or SFTP into any of the seismometers. Any suggestions?

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Hello Hannah, and welcome to the community!

Probably something that you’ve already done, but have you checked that the computer you are trying to SSH into the Shakes with is in the same ZeroTier network? I had a similar issue, but after adding my laptop to the ZT network everything went back to normal.

If your PC is already in the same ZT network as the Shakes, can you try removing it and then adding it again, to see if this solves the issue?

Hi Stormchaser!

I removed my laptop from the network and reconnected to the ZT network my stations are on. It worked! I guess the old “unplug it and plug it back in” is still a solid troubleshoot method.

Thank you for the suggestion!


Hello Hannah,

That’s great to hear; happy to help!

Yes, sometimes going back to the basics is what we need!