WWS connection refused

My shake is working and I can view the helicorder through the web interface.

But when I try and see it using swarm, it cannot connect.

If I try and connect manually to the WWS, I get an error:
2019-05-24 10:07:15 ERROR - Error connecting to in WWSClient. (java.net.ConnectException)

If I test the port, I get connection refused:
$ nc -vz 16022
nc: connectx to port 16022 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

I first used the shake yesterday on my home network and I successfully connected with swarm. I have these problems today with it plugged in to my work network. I shut down the shake before moving it.

I’d attach the log files but new users cannot upload attachments!

Hi Stewart,

Before you try anything else, try changing the port from 16022 to 16032.

That’s a security feature of the site, sorry about that. I’ve changed your user privileges so you should be able to upload now.

If you’re still unable to connect after the port change, I’d be happy to look at the logs.

It now works - I can connect using swarm on port 16032.

I don’t really understand why it worked on port 16022 first time I used it but now works on 16032.

Many thanks.

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