WinSDR WinQuake

First of all I AM NOT A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER!. Given that, does anyone have user friendly instructions for getting streaming data from my RS1D to winSDR? I’ve seen what Larry Cochrane wrote in 2018 but it is beyond my skill level.

Wake Forest, NC

All you should need to do is add your WinSDR host machine address and port number in the Datacast portion in the Raspberry Shake settings and then perform the “Using WinSDR” section on this page: WinSDR SHAKE Digitizer


I’m a little dense! I believe that I add my main computer IP address to WinSDR. Where do I get the port number from? Similarly, in Rshake Datacast, do I use the Rshake IP address? What port do I use?

Never mind, I think I’ve got it going just fine.

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