Wind farm shakes the ground 130 km away

It’s true. Sort of.

In recent days, we have had a low-altitude temperature inversion (red circle) that seems to create a ducting effect for infrasound.

Shown below: my RB (176D) and two others nearby all registering a 4.7 Hz signal which is likely the harmonic of a wind farm quite some distance to the west of us

The top trace is from my RS, where you can see the same signal as RB. This seismic signal was visible on several other nearby RS installations as well.

It’s difficult to shake the ground surface at 4.7 Hz! So this is quite impressive, especially considering that the nearest large wind farm is 130 km away from here.

I see my previous posting on this subject was in November of last year, so there must be something in our climate that favors forming this sort of acoustic ducting this time of year.

Various papers on this subject note that ducting can cause wind turbines to be detected “some tens of km” away. This is considerably farther than that.


Atmospheric Soundings (


I love your posts @kpjamro. I always learn something.


I remember reading similar studies when I was researching in Windfarms for my Master in renewable energies.

Fantastic post as usual, very informative and educational!