WIN SDR install...need help

Hi ! Looking for somene who have step by step instructions how to install WinSDR server to my RS1D. It is also possible to connect to my comp from distance and install stuff to RB.
Maybee…someone…Thanks in advance Marco

Hi Marco. I am using WinSdr and WinQuake, but you saying “server” confuses me. I have both programs on my desktop and working great. Since OSOP does not directly recommend these two programs and prefers SWARM, it might be best to email me direct at I do not know who or how many others here use these two programs. I can “MAYBE” help and will certainly try.

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Hi Jerry, I will send you email, thanks… Marco

Hi @s52sk @JerryP:

Buenos días.

I would be happy to add something to the manual if you could share a document with your common knowledge afterwords.


Hi Branden. No problem at all. If receive some useful information i will post them here, no problem.


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