WIFI repeater and Rshake

Hi All,

I encountered problems to connect my raspberry RC78F to a WIFI repeater. It connected well, recovered the internet time well, but the data was not sent to the caps server, while the transfer was activated. The station was not marked active in RS Station View webpage. Have you ever encountered this kind of problem?
it may be due to insufficient internet speed…


I am using a Netgear AC750 Model 3700 extender. My Shake is connected to the extender using an ethernet cable and the extender connects to my router using wifi. Everything works well. I have a stable connection and data is sent to the server. There is a difference between a repeater and an extender. Is your shake connected using wifi or ethernet?

it is connected to the WIFI repeater using a WIFI extension (not the RShake WIFI antenna)

If you can connect it directly to the router using an ethernet cable, it will show if you are having a problem with the wifi repeater or if the problem is something else. Make sure the shake is turned off before inserting the ethernet cable.

Unfortunately, I changed location and I could not do any more tests. But it would have been very interesting.


bonjour olivier,

is it possible to send along your log files? there is likely more information there that will help identify what’s going on.

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Hi Richard,

Here are the log files


RSH.RC78F.2020-03-06T00_32_53.logs.tar (4.0 MB)

hi olivier,

can you restate your problem, i think i’m confused.

your station is transmitting data fine to the server:


Hi Richard,
the problem occurred between February 28 and March 1. I had left for another island, and I did not have access to the Internet box of my accommodation, only to a WIFI repeater.
Since then, I came home, and I restarted my Rshake yesterday at home.