White outs with overload

The shakes at R05E8, R8C64, R428E, RCFAD and R38D9 have all had white outs recently.

It could be that intense activity is outside some parameters within the processing algorithms.

With intense global interest in this New Madrid area, and USGS “offline”, having consistent data would be very useful.

Could someone have a look into what inputs cause overload & trigger white out. A nearly all-black or very intense graph view would be more useful than white out.

Hello davemc, welcome to our community!

I have checked the Shakes that you have provided. If with the term “whiteout” you are referring to the blank spots visible in our DataView portal, then those are caused by loss of transmission from the Shakes to our servers.

This can be due to various factors which are, unfortunately, outside our control, and depend on local internet providers or Shake connectivity to local networks.

Even when a Shake sensor is saturated by movement, there will always be data plotted until the point of saturation, so it will not be substituted by white breaks in the waveform.

Hello davemc,

Is the “white outs” missing some parts in swarm screen like the following picture?

If so, I had the same experience without network issue.
The root cause was low power voltage of Raspberry Pi.
I saw “Under-voltage detected!” and “ttyS ttyS0: 1 input overrun(s)” in /var/log/syslog.
So I replaced Power Supply of my Raspberry Pi.
And the problem is solved.

Please check /var/log/syslog whether RaspberryPi power status.

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Excellent, thanks for the advice.