Whether can we upgrade the indoor raspberryshake to the out door one

We have already bought two indoor type shake devices which are R5F59 and RCC11.
We’re wondering whether can we upgrade those two indoor shakes into outdoor one by buying certain components , such as the enclosure and waterproof cables…

If it’s available , do you guys have any manual to teach us how to install it by ourselves?

By the way , whether your company have the distribution agent in Taiwan that we can contact with?

Hello Stgaone, and welcome to our community!

Firstly, let me thank you for your interest and support! We are always eager to see more live data coming from our Shakers!

Regarding your first query, we do not offer this option, but you can choose to ship the units back to us to convert to IP67, if you want.

For your second question, we sell directly to Taiwan, as there is no local distributor there.

Thus,what u mean is that we can ship shakes to your company and get the IP67 ones for free? Or how much should me pay for the upgrade ?

Hello Stgaone,

After checking in with our department, our Operations Manager will send you an email (to the address you’ve registered to the forum), containing all the details and costs, as this upgrade would be a paid-for one.

Thank you again for your support and interest in our Shakes!