Where can I find Shake station coordinates

The elevation always shows in StationView but not the lat/lon coordinates. I’m bringing up ObsPy to build my own EQ locator but it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole. Is there a quick way to get the metadata for a station?.. the station XML file? Thanks.

Hello tenthwave,

You can access the metadata from our stations by clicking on the Download instrument response link in any open station panel in StationView. I will put a couple of examples here for your convenience:



The first is in sc3ml format, while the second is in classic fdsnxml format, and both of them will contain the latitude and longitude of the station. You can simply change the station parameter with another one to obtain the metadata from that particular Shake.

Thanks. I didn’t expect it there. I have learned a lot of useful things in my wanderings, however. Clicking all the buttons is a useful orientation technique.

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The actual station coordinates have been obfuscated by the RS people (in their infinite wisdom) and can be out by up to 1 km.

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I got that one from the previous Forum discussions… but Thanks. When I looked at my own position I was way out in the Appalachian woods. I have my real position down to about two millimeters from another retirement project to measure continental drift directly from GPS satellite data. Around here we are sliding due west at a rate of about 1 millimeter a month. The two projects are similar in that they both measure physical changes that most would consider impossible to detect. I’m sending a 4D out to my son who lives about 2 miles from the San Andreas fault line. I’m envious. First he’s heading to the northwest at 4 mm per month on the Pacific plate and he has Lots of quakes to play with. Some guys have all the luck.

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