What is a hyper-damper?

The description for the raspberry shake says it combines “a professional-grade vertical seismometer (called a geophone) digitizer, hyper-damper and computer.” I understand the purpose of all components except the hyper-damper. A google search only returns listings for the raspberry shake, and I didn’t find anything in previous forum posts. Can anyone shed some light on the purpose of a hyper-damper, or point out some relevant literature?

Thank you!

Hello geo_dude, and welcome to our community!

This is a very interesting question!

The Hyper Damper is the analog circuit we have developed that extends the period of the geophone connected to the Shake board from its natural frequency of 4.5 Hz to ~2 seconds. You can see the entire Shake schematics in this picture:

And read more (if you haven’t already) in the manual tech specification page: Technical Specifications — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

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